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Arpita Sarkar


MAR 08, 2023

Cancer-Leo: Signs With Sense Of Humour

Their sense of humour is unabashed, mean and yet extremely funny

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Aries can have a light sense of humour. They make jokes on ohyiscalities too but they make sure they do not hurt sentiments


Most Aquarius are intellectuals and they do their best to stay on top of present events. Their humor is peppered with pop culture references, trending jokes, memes and the fun they poke at mundane everyday situations

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Dark humour is the type of humour a Gemini is skilled at

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Their sense of humor is not always good-natured nor well-intended, hence it is not always well received

Leo folks know how to make people laugh around them. That is one way they attract all that attention too

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Capricorns are known for keeping a straight face and not displaying much humour in their emotions

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Virgos have a lot of witty stuff to say in moments we least expect. They crack intelligent jokes 

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One for physical comedy and being fearless with words, Libras are serious about their sense of humor

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Tauruses observe everything going on around them, so they naturally have an observational sense of humor

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