A Day In Alaya F’s Lockdown Life

December 21, 2020

Unlike her usual days, Alaya F wakes up at 11 in the morning. Not too late, eh

Just like most of us, she lazes around for another hour, scrolling through her social media apps, until she finally gets off her bed

Alaya does not miss her workout sessions. Once she is off the bed, she heads to the living room in her workout clothes

The Jawani Janeman star begins with a pumped-up cardio session and then moves on to specific body training

Instead of working out in the evening, she prefers an energised afternoon workout session. We are taking notes already!

Post her work out session, Alaya joins her family for lunch. She likes having food with friends and family around

After her routine chores are wrapped up, she heads for a quick shower and gets all dressed up to begin her shoot

Her video and photoshoots are done between 3.30-4 pm as that’s the prime time when the lighting is also good

Alaya makes sure there’s enough “Me Time” in her routine. She likes to sketch and learn a bunch of random things

At about 9-9.30, she goes into chill mode. She spends her time playing games and chit-chatting with family members. Cute!

It’s only at 11.30 she takes her dinner because then she also goes to bed really late. We feel ya!

Alaya is definitely a Netflix and Chill person. Money Heist is on her current watch-list

One thing we definitely love about her is how she makes out the best of each and every moment passing by

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