Disha Patani’s beauty and wellness hacks

SEPTEMBER 07, 2021

First and foremost thing that Disha Patani swears by is keeping her skin hydrated. She makes sure to drink a lot of water throughout the day

Given the fitness enthusiast that she is, Disha never misses her gym sessions. It helps her sweat the toxins out and cleanse her body

Patani has also revealed that diet plays an important role in her beauty and skincare regime. And that’s why she likes to take a lot of greens and fruits in her diet

Before going to bed, she removes her makeup to prevent breakouts and congestion. Even experts suggest going bareface to bed is the best way to let your skin breathe

She also dabs on some rosewater before she goes to bed and uses peel-off masks to keep her skin nourished

Disha likes to keep her skin clear and healthy which is why she believes in a simple cleansing, toning, and moisturising regime

For her makeup routine, Disha begins with a well-done base. And during her off-duty days, she likes to skip the highlighter and blush for easily blendable products

Even though the rest of her look is simple, she likes to top it off with a little mascara on the top and bottom lashes for some volume

Patani prefers to take the brush in her own hands and during those occasions, she likes to use colourful eyeshadows to add some playfulness

For events like a film premiere or a wedding, Disha swears by a matte red lipstick to give a flamboyant touch to her look

Last but not the least, the diva never skips deep conditioning and regularly massages her scalp with almond oil to keep her hair and scalp nourished

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