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Arpita Sarkar 


MAR 17, 2023

Gemini-Pisces: Signs And Hairstyle Choices

Aries prefer to keep it short and simple. As a sign that's always on the go, living life in the fast lane, shorter lengths are easier to manage

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Any shoulder-length style is incredibly fitting for a Virgo. As a sign that likes to keep things in order, this length will give them the capability to achieve any look they desire


They love long, straight, simple cut

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Short styles are always alluring for a Scorpio, the edgy pixie is especially perfect for the sign

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Leo love to show off they big, full mane, and make a statement—but that doesn't mean Leos are limited to long styles

Sagittarians want their hair to be natural and do its thing while also showcasing their happy, carefree, and playful vibes

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They love asymmetrical bob hair cut 

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They love wavy, flowy, mermaid-y curls

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They love a look that's versatile, with layers and bangs in a medium length

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Capricorns are not ones to fuss over their hair too much. They want something that's low-maintenance, so loose straight layers are very fitting for the sign 

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