oct 5, 2021

Horoscope for the week: oct 4-10

High profit in business, favourable conditions on the work front and health issues are the themes that characterise this week

Though Aries ascendant sign people are likely to remain very confident, enthusiastic and energetic towards life and their work, you are advised to keep away from unnecessary conversations


Though your week starts with some personal and mental trouble you’ll find the strength to overcome the beginning few days and run the rest of your week smoothly


It's the week of relaxation for Gemini. A lot of your problems will get resolved and you’ll feel happy about getting desired results in the job


Cancer sign people will succeed in their efforts to make money. Your confidence to negotiate professional tasks will be at a higher than usual level


Your savings are likely to increase significantly and you will succeed in your projects on account of your valour. It's a favourable week for you!


Virgo sign people will have to run around during the initial days of the week but sure will get positive results for it. Your familial and marital life will be excellent and you can expect an inflow of money


Libra sign people will make some solid gains at the beginning of the week. Your expenses are set to remain high. An official trip is likely to get planned and undertaken this week


Scorpio sign people are likely to make monetary gains in abundance. You will surely get some benefit from your brother and friends as the likelihood is strong


Sagittarius sign people will get auspicious results in their projects and will be heavily tilted towards some religious activity this week


Conditions will remain favourable in the workplace though a change in place is possible on the work front. Capricorn sign people will make solid gains on account of a favourable stroke of luck


You're advised to take good care of your health as you may suffer from a health issue. You will have to deal with an excessive workload during the first few days


Pisces sign people will face health issues this week especially, muscular and skeletal pain. Business people are likely to make gains this week and make achievements


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