How To Apply Foundation The Right Way


JAN 08, 2023


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Cleanse your face using a face cleanser and then wash it with lukewarm water

How To Prep Your Skin Before Applying Foundation

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Now massage your face for about 10 minutes with a face moisturizer. This step is crucial to achieving a flawless finish

Moisturizing Time

For A Dewy Look, This Light Foundation Is Beyond Perfect


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Pick a foundation suitable for your skin type and tone. Then use a foundation brush to dab the product into the skin gently

The Main Act

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Take a makeup sponge to dab (do not swipe) the already applied product to blend it well. Better if the sponge is a bit damp and there’s no excess water in it

What’s Next

Want a smudge-free foundation to keep you looking flawless all day? Try this


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Apply translucent powder on your nose, chin, and forehead (the areas that tend to get oily) using a powder brush

To Seal It Well

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Do that gorgeous eye makeup and apply your favorite lip color to look like a million bucks and grab compliments

How To Finish The Look

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