How To Use Hair Spray On Your Locks


JAN 06, 2023


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Hair sprays can add volume to your mane and keep your hairstyle in place throughout the day. They also help in maintaining the flyaways and creating curls

Why Should You Use A Hair Spray

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Always ensure that your hair is clean and free from any product buildup. If you have washed your hair, dry it gently with a towel or a hair dryer

What To Do Before Applying Hair Spray

This Hair Spray Will Add Volumes To Your Mane!


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Spray it from a distance of about 15 cm from your hair to achieve a more uniformed hold and even layers. Make sure that the product has covered your entire mane

How To Spray

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If you want to comb your hair after applying hair spray, do it gently before the product sets your mane. Combing after it locks your hair completely can lead to hair breakage

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Do not overuse hair spray as it can cause hair damage. Use it moderately, only when it is really required

What Not To Do?

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Beginners should always start with a light coat and then keep adding more coats if stronger hold is required. Spraying unevenly can make your look go awry and defeat the purpose of hair styling

Note that

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