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SEPTEMBER 18, 2023

Janhvi Kapoor’s Rosy Makeup Look

Janhvi Kapoor has presented yet another stunning beauty look and we are mesmerised by her glow

Image: Janhvi Kapoor's Instagram

Beauty look

If you want to achieve Janhvi's makeup look for yourself, you've got to check out this amazing makeup tutorial


Image: Janhvi Kapoor's Instagram

Prep Your Skin

Image: Janhvi Kapoor's Instagram

Cleanse, tone, and moisturise your skin and then apply a matte makeup primer to blur out pores, prevent excess sebum from ruining your makeup, and providing longevity to your base

For a soft matte glow, apply concealer on areas like the contours of the nose and mouth, as well as the under-eye area. Choose a concealer that won't crack or crease

Try A Light Base

Image: Janhvi Kapoor's Instagram

Janhvi’s look calls for well-groomed brows that look fluffy and neat. Go in with a brow pomade to fill in any gaps and blend it with a spoolie brush that will also tame your brow hair

Groom The Brows

Image: Janhvi Kapoor's Instagram

Janhvi Kapoor's eye makeup is one of the best things about this look. Apply contour or brown blush on your lids, blend well. Swipe on rose gold highlighter with fingers for intense color

Highlight Those Lids

Image: Janhvi Kapoor's Instagram

No eye makeup is complete without mascara. Tightline your lashlines with a kajal pencil as this will make your lashes look naturally thicker and go in with two coats of waterproof mascara

Image: Janhvi Kapoor's Instagram

Don’t Forget Mascara

Choose a cream blush that flatters your skin tone. Apply warm-toned blush on your cheekbones and nose to get Janhvi’s look

Time For Blush

Image: Janhvi Kapoor's Instagram

To achieve Janhvi's dusty rose lips, outline your lips with a brown lip pencil, then soften the lines with a lip brush. Finally, dab on a dusty rose lipstick, blending it out for a soft and rosy lip effect

Create Blurry Rose Lips

Image: Janhvi Kapoor's Instagram

This rosy makeup tutorial will help you emulate that romantic vibe just like Janhvi Kapoor. Go on and try it out right now

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Image: Janhvi Kapoor's Instagram

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