oct 14, 2021

Kareena Kapoor Khan’s diet plan decoded 

From her size zero figure to her increased emphasis on more holistic and healthy desi food, Kareena’s regime is what dreams ar made of to eat everything guilt-free

Breakfast is the most important meal and should be light but filling. While Kareena prefers to work out in the mornings, her breakfast is usually something full of nutrients

She has a handful of soaked almonds or a banana before she gets going for her exercise

Her lunch is an example of how you can include proteins and antioxidants in your meal. She likes to have a bowl of rice, with papad or achaar

On other days, aplate if roti, a sabzi and a serving of dal fills her up. She makes sure to eat her lunch by 12 pm for better digestion

Her third meal of the day is a healthy snack, which mostly comprises a small bowl of papaya, peanuts or roasted foxnuts, which make an excellent weight loss friendly snack

She has the snack around 2 or 3 pm to take care of untimely cravings. She makes sure to carry her snacks around for shoots as well

For tea time, Bebo skips caffeine and indulges in the goodness of fruits which are in season, such as litchi or mango. She also has a mango milkshake with, with a small serving of chivda

Kareena also likes to have lemon water, buttermilk, curd with dry fruits, or coconut water to help her stay hydrated throughout the day

Kareena is a big fan of Indian food and makes sure she eats all desi food for dinner like biryani with raita, palak roti with curd, etc

On other days, it's the usual dal, rice and sabzi. Ghee is another thing Kareena gorges on, in any form

Bebo also enjoys a glass of Haldi milk with a pinch of nutmeg before bed that helps her sleep well

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