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Priyanshi Shah


july 10, 2024

Kriti Sanon's beauty and wellness secrets

Kriti Sanon believed that true beauty shines from within, and swears by meditation for boosting mood and brain health

Meditation magic

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Sometimes working out alone seems boring, so Kriti hits the gym with her friends and, also, gets inspired watching fitness influencers

Stay motivated

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Kriti believes in change and whenever she gets a chance she gets a new haircut to bring change in her style

Fresh haircut

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To manage frizziness and keep her hair in place, Kriti uses cloth headbands for a stylish look

Smart hair accessories

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For fun, Kriti adds a pop of color by wearing bright lipstick-even on low-key days for instant glam

Pop of color

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To enhance her eyes, Kriti uses smudged kohl on her upper and lower lash lines for a bold, smoky effect

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Bold eye makeup

Like Kriti, you can also add a sparkle to your eye makeup using colorful glittery eyeshadows

Glittery eyeshadow

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Kriti is very particular about removing her makeup every night to prevent skin issues and give time to skin to breathe

Never ignore makeup removal

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Kriti doesn’t believe in sticking to the same exercise, she mixes up her exercises by combining weighting training with Pilates to avoid boredom

Various workout

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As an actress, Kriti has to travel to various places, so she adapts her workout based on the environment

On-the-go fitness

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