oct 6, 2021

Makeup tips to ace the art of contouring

Contouring is essential as foundation can at times flatten a few features of your face. The key to contouring your face correctly is to choose the right shade for your face

Always choose a shade that is two shades darker than your actual skin tone

First, apply a light foundation over your face and then only start contouring

To define your cheekbones, suck in your lips and look for the hollow part under your cheekbones. Swipe contour diagonally towards the hairline. Blend it using a brush

For a sharp sculpted jawline, contour the jawline and subtly blend it with a brush, such that it creates a shadow effect

Just sweep the contouring bronzer under your chin, to hide that double chin

To make your nose look slimmer, apply the bronzer a bit above your nostrils. Blend it by starting from downwards and slowly making your way upwards over the bridge of the nose

If you want to shorten the nose, you can create an illusion by dabbing the bronzer over the tip of your nose

Follow it up with a highlighter. Always use a highlighter that is two shades lighter than your foundation

The last and most important step is to  set your contoured face with a setting spray

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