Nov 9, 2021


Milind Soman’s fitness secrets 

Akshat Sundrani

Milind Soman starts the day with 500 ml of room temperature water as he believes it is a great way to get the day going

(source- Milind Soman Instagram)

Stay Hydrated

The actor then begins the day with a handful of nuts and some fresh fruits


(source- Milind Soman Instagram)

The Paurashpur actor's lunch consists of rice and dal with seasonal vegetables and clarified butter. Also, once a month, a chicken and an egg


(source- Milind Soman Instagram)

He believes that inducing exercise is essential and that one should utilise any exercise to strengthen his mind and balance his mental health


(source- Milind Soman Instagram)
(source- Milind Soman Instagram)

Milind eats veggies for supper and avoids eating non-vegetarian food at night


(source- Milind Soman Instagram)

The former supermodel claims that smoking has a direct influence on stamina, which he discovered once he began running

No Smoking

(source- Milind Soman Instagram)

According to the actor, postponing the urge to smoke until the urge subsides is an effective approach to quit smoking, and it worked for him

Procrastinating the urge

(source- Milind Soman Instagram)

According to the fitness fanatic, one should be well rested in order to maximise their potential during workout sessions

Well Rested

(source- Milind Soman Instagram)

Milind says that it is essential to adopt mindful lifestyle adjustments such as cycling to nearby destinations and  using the stairs 

Lifestyle Changes

(source- Milind Soman Instagram)

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