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JAN 05, 2022

Numerology Prediction For 2022

Calculate your destiny number

Add all digits of your date of birth and reduce it to single digits to find your destiny number. For instance, if someone is born on September 14, 1990, the destiny number would be Number 6

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Number 1

Asking for help from others will be an important factor this year. Also, you will be bearing a lot of expenses

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Number 2

Avoid indulging in comparisons. Take care of health, carelessness might lead you to some health issues

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Number 3

You might have in-house transfers or job switches. Business travel will expand your network too

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Number 4

Keeping calm is important – you are likely to have many ups and downs

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Number 5

Using leadership qualities will help you a lot

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Number 6

You will undergo many makeovers and transformations

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Number 7

Stress is on the cards this year. Take care of your health this year. After May, you will feel a little better on health grounds

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Number 8

You might not be fully focused on work this year. Towards June-July, you might get some better job offers too. This year will be favourable for businesses

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Number 9

Be careful with your anger

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