A Peek Inside Anushka Sharma’s Bag

January 11, 2021

Anushka Sharma admits that medicines are the most important thing she never forgets to carry in her bag

And the next important thing which she carries in her bag is a pack of blister pads

If she ever happens to lose her bag, either her valet guy or security guard will definitely find it for her

She usually carries a lot of rubber bands in her bag because people steal hers!

Apart from her wallet, house keys, rubber bands and pens, she also never forgets to carry a lip balm

You will also find ear pods and a power bank inside her huge bag

And a mini kit inside her bag includes all the essential makeup products that she regularly uses

Also, Anushka makes sure to carry a bottle of perfume with her

Blister pads, house keys and power bank are the three things in Anushka’s bag that she simply cannot live without!

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