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Arpita Sarkar


MAR 16, 2023

Pisces-Virgo: Signs With Eccentric Sense Of Style

Pisces have a strong affinity for all things vintage, and they are great at pulling them off gracefully. They adore nothing more than a classic ensemble, whether it be in maxi dresses or trench coats

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These air signs are fashion-forward, artistic souls. Their closet is mostly filled with brightly colored jeans and basic t-shirts. They enjoy wearing striking accessories with gorgeous flowery scarves. They adore neon colors


Leos often opt for wearable yet daring clothing that will make their presence known in any situation

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Virgos radiate self-assurance. They value simplicity but appreciate eye-catching clothing and accessories. They are the ideal blend of a sophisticated man or woman and the boy or girl next door

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Geminis' fashion sense emphasizes contrasting patterns. They play by their own rulesThis air sign has a creative intellect and a vivid imagination. Therefore, they never get bored and keep using wacky ways to ensure their attire is on point. They enjoy trying out different items to see what fits best

Aries people are thought to be fashion trendsetters. Since anything they carry has a good potential of becoming popular, they don't hesitate to show off their sense of style

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Sagittarians are tasteful and intentional when it comes to their style. Opting for a more liberating wardrobe that allows them to wander freely, Sagittarius prefer loose-fitting silhouettes that allow them to express their free spirit

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Capricorns like to wear clothes that give a good impression and they pride themselves on being able to dress for the occasion

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Cancer's sentimental side strongly reflects their affinity toward retro and refined aesthetics. Romantic accessories, feminine silhouettes, and soft, smooth fabrics all embody the Cancer style identity

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Scorpions are drawn to darker colours and modern fabrics with a rebellious edge, like leather and sheer mesh. A Scorpio's favourite accessory is dark sunglasses, allowing them to channel that sexy, mysterious persona they love

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