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Priyanshi Shah


july 10, 2024

Places to visit near Mumbai within 100 km

Plan a visit to historic Elephanta caves, a treasure trove of ancient rock-cut temples, and sculptures

Elephanta caves

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This fascinating town from just 7km from Mumbai is perfect for a short drive to a getaway, where you can explore Arnala fort, temples, and gardens 


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Spend some time around clean shores, and cashew trees at Marina Beach to enjoy a relaxing vibe and some seafood

Manori beach

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The place with the perfect combination of nature, adventure, and spirituality- Panvel lets you enjoy a historic fort, waterfall, and bird sanctuary


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Experience a riverside camping at Vasind with thrilling activities like fishing, kayaking, and stargazing

Riverside camping at Vasind

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Take a trek to breathtaking views at Lohagad Fort- known for its historical charm, and surroundings

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Lohagad Fort

Enjoy trekking up to Visapur Fort amidst lush greenery, and cascading water, offering panoramic views 

Visapur Fort

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Visit this place near Pune to enjoy boating, and exploring old forts- a perfect spot for adventure seekers, and nature enthusiasts


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Located between Mumbai and Pune, Durshet is great for trekking, exploring waterfalls, and enjoying outdoor activities


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This ancient Buddhist site is located in Sanjay Gandhi National Park and is admired for its intricate carvings and serene surroundings 

Kanheri caves

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