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Arjun Gupta


MAR 06, 2023

Products to apply before playing Holi 

Holi is a festival of color, joy, and ecstasy but amidst all the celebration, we may forget about our skin and hair. Here is a list of products you should use before Holi

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Pre-Holi skin and hair care

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Holi colors can be very harmful to your hair, so oil your hair thoroughly before getting out there! This oil will act as a protective covering on your scalp and prevent any damage

Oil your hair!

Applying decent amount of moisturizer across your body will help your skin fight toxic colors

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Apply moisturizer

To avoid tanning and sun damage, slather some sunscreen on your body. Make sure it is waterproof and has an SPF of 30 or higher

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Apply sunblock

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Apply oil to your skin

No matter how much you hate it, a thick layer of coconut or olive oil will help your skin against harmful colors and get rid of them easily

Don’t forget about your lips amidst all of this. Petroleum jelly will shield your lips against synthetic colors

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Use petroleum jelly

A toner will shrink your pore size and get rid of any dirt. It will prevent harmful substances from penetrating your skin

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Use a toner

Keep your nails short and apply a dark shade of nail color on them to prevent any staining

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Paint your nails

Use a few drops of lemon juice on your scalp for some extra protection against infections

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Use citrus fruits

If oil does not work for you, apply some leave-in conditioner on your hair and let it sit. This will act as a defensive layer against harmful colors

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Leave-in conditioner

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