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DEC 30, 2021

Rashmika Mandanna’s fitness regime

Staying Fit

Rashmika Mandanna believes that instead of just having a slim and toned body one should stay fit

Image: Rashmika Mandanna Instagram

Consistent Workout

The Pushpa: The Rise actress revealed that she workouts about four times a week

Image: Kuldep Sethi Instagram

Healthy Drinks

After waking up, Rashmika drinks a litre of water daily. She also adds apple cider vinegar to this drink to activate the metabolism of the body by reducing weight

Image: Rashmika Mandanna Instagram

Core Strength

She keeps her workouts trendy and engaged by doing strength training, core and cardio and weight training

Video: Rashmika Mandanna Instagram

Never miss a day

If she is not able to go to the gym, her workouts are at places where she would love to visit

Video: Rashmika Mandanna Instagram

Fitness Regime

Power yoga, kickboxing or swimming and walking help to relax her muscles and stressed mind

Image: Rashmika Mandanna Instagram

Fun Workouts

Her workout also includes skipping, dancing and spinning

Video: Rashmika Mandanna Instagram

Weight Lifting

One can see in the video, Rashmika Mandanna is lifting weights and looks fresh as ever in her all-black gym attire

Video: Rashmika Mandanna Instagram

The actress can be seen flaunting her well-built physique and sporty look in this gym selfie

Image: Rashmika Mandanna Instagram

Fitness Enthusiast

Rashmika regularly spreads joy and positivity along with fitness motivation via her social media posts

Video: Rashmika Mandanna Instagram

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