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Aditi Balsaver

NOV 23, 2022


Relationship Mistakes Cancer Women Make

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One of the most common problems of Cancerians is that their fluctuating attitude, sentiments and emotions can wreak havoc on their partner

Mood Swings Run Wild

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Cancer women spend too much time reminiscing bygone days and cribbing over what she has lost

Obsessing Over the Past

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She makes her partner her whole world and due to this, she starts taking things too personally. This further makes her overreact to the tiniest of things

 Being Hypersensitive

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A Cancer woman has profound emotional ties due to which she completely thinks from her heart instead of her mind. Once she sets her heart on something, she won't let it go!


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A Cancer woman possesses maternal instincts and starts babying her partner which becomes too irritating after a point

Parenting Her Partner

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Cancerians are highly sensitive and therefore they are super quick to pick up defending lines that can only worsen the squabbles in the relationship

Rapid Defense

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When a Cancerian starts closing herself every time she feels tired, sensitive, or introspective, it can take a toll on the mental well-being of her partner

Closing Herself Off

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They simply start ignoring the problems or express that they don’t care at all. This attitude leads to ghosting people

Aggressive in a Passive Way

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Because they love too much, they overly think about everything which creates disputes and disorder in their relationship

Over Scrutinizes Things

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A Cancer woman is all about home, family, boundaries and security. Imagine your partner not having friends and she only wants to stay with you 24*7? Isn’t it stifling

Emotional Neediness

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