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Sara Ali Khan’s

september 16, 2020

Sara Ali Khan’s fitness journey is no longer a secret to the world

Her journey from fat to fab inspired us and we are taking notes!

Sara’s fitness journey began only a few years ago and boy, she did lose a whopping amount of weight!

Sara, like most other celebrities, trains with celebrity trainer Namrata Purohit for pilates

She is also a part of the intensive body conditioning session taken by celebrity trainer Cindy Jourdain

The Kedarnath actress boosts her metabolism with some intense dancing sessions. We have often spotted her post-dance-classes

Sara loves to stay on a regular fitness track. She never misses her workout sessions

Amidst her strenuous fitness routine, Sara does not starve herself. She likes to eat at regular intervals

Sara is particular about what she eats. Fresh juice, a bowl of muesli, fruits and nuts make for her staple diet

While she sweats it out hard at the gym, her workout clothes are always on point

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