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Mohit K Dixit


july 05, 2024

Signs he is playing games with you

He consistently disappeared without explanation, leaving you hanging and uncertain about his feelings

The Ghosting Act

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His texts are short, infrequent, and lack enthusiasm, indicating a lack of investment in meaningful conversation

Minimal Effort Communication

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He constantly cancels plans or avoids making them altogether, prioritizing other activities over spending time with you

Always “Too Busy”

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He’s full of excuses when it comes to meeting up or committing to plans, showing a lack of genuine interest in building a connection

Excuse Overload

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He avoids physical contact or intimacy, keeping a noticeable distance that suggests he’s not interested in taking things further

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Avoidance of Intimacy

He shows little interest in your life, rarely asking questions about your day, interests, or aspirations

Limited Curiosity

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He avoids introducing you to his friends or family, keeping you separate from his personal life and social circle

Keeping You in the Shadows

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He’s evasive or non-committal when it comes to discussing future plans or the status of your relationship

Ambiguity About the Future

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No Care of your feelings

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He never bothers about your feelings and vulnerabilities

He never put any effort into bringing a spark into the relationship. Rather, he also undermines your efforts 

No Spark Left

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