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Arpita Sarkar


mAY 26, 2023

Signs She's Hiding Her Feelings For You

If she responds to you every time, then it is a clear sign she has Feelings for you

She is there for you

Image- Pexels

Image- Pexels

If a girl introduces you to her friends, then it’s not just a friendship. She has obvious feelings for you

Her friends know you

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If she looks straight into your eyes while talking, it proves that she wants a deeper connection with you

Eye contact while talking

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If a girl has feelings for you, she will make an extra effort to know your every little detail

She remembers every detail about you

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Be it funny or not, if a girl has feeling s for you, she will find humor in your every silly jokes just to make you smile

She finds humor in your every joke

She ensures your well-being

To ensure his well-being, she will make genuine efforts to ensure that everything around you is perfectly fine

Image- Pexels

Image- Pexels

If she is not comfortable enough to communicate in person, she will follow your social media account and like you posts

She stalks your on social media

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When a girl has feelings for you, she tries to ask questions to know you better

She asks questions about your friends

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If she dresses up nicely every time you go out with her, this is a sign that she likes you a lot

She dresses up nicely for you

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If she texts you randomly, it means that you belong to her inner circle and she wants to be in touch with you

She texts you randomly

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