oct 13, 2021

skin care tips for the festive season

A sure-shot way to improve your skin’s health is by keeping it hydrated. It infuses a natural glow to your skin

For this, you can apply a papaya and honey mask. It helps remove tanning and dead skin cells build-up from the skin

Well, this is a secret tip to get that festive glow on your face. Just add cucumber juice or rosewater to your skincare routine and see the magic!

If you are in no mood to follow an exhaustive skincare routine, stick to the basics. Follow the CTM (cleansing, toning and moisturising) ritual daily

A soft supple skin is all you need to work your charm around. For this, you can apply a mixture of 2 tsp of aloe vera and ½ tsp of honey on your face daily

 Don’t forget to gulp oodles of water while prepping for the festivities. It grants a lovely glow and helps to flush out toxins from your body

Want to get those rosy cheeks naturally? Try this facial yoga where all you have to do is pinch your cheeks repeatedly for a minute

This helps in initiating extreme blood flow and making cheeks pop

For fresh dewy skin, give your face some steam. It helps unclog pores and lets your skin breathe

We know it’s difficult for you to say no to the scrumptious dishes made during the festivities. But keep in mind to avoid eating excessive fried foods and sweets

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