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Spa Vs. Oiling: Which Is Best For Hair?


Arpita Sarkar


mar 11, 2023

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To make hair smooth and healthy, people often do hair spa and hair oiling 

Hair Treatment

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Hair Spa or Hair oiling?

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It is also known as hair massage. It involves massaging the scalp with an oil and applying steam 

Hair Oiling

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The oil types can be coconut, olive, and almond. The treatments can vary from 10 - 20 minutes 

Types Of Hair Oiling

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This treatment provides nourishment, aids relaxation, and stimulates circulation to promote hair growth 

Benefits Of Hair Oiling 

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A hair spa includes a shampoo, conditioner, and a hair mask along with steam and a blow dry

Hair Spa

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From a dandruff treatment for the scalp to a cream bath for dry strands, hair spas can really be varied 

Types Of Hair Spa

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This is clear that hair spas are proper treatments for specific hair concerns. They have more targeted hair benefits than oiling 

Benefits Of Hair Spa

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Hair oiling is cheaper than a hair spa. It is great if you just want a head massage. On the hand other, spa includes a lot more than a massage, and costs more 


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Regular oiling is more sustainable as it is affordable whereas spas are elaborate process which cost more 

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