Akshat Sundrani


Jan 14, 2022

Sunny leone’s Maldives vacay 

Heading 3

Beachwear goals

Sunny Leone looked absolutely adorable in her beachwear as she landed in paradise

Image: Sunny Leone Instagram

Soaking the sun

The actress absorbed some rays while relaxing on a beachin a green floral bikini

Image: Sunny Leone Instagram

Surrounded by wild

As she sat Surrounded by the wild sharks, the actress got a rare view of the wildlife

Video: Sunny Leone Instagram

Hitting adventures

The actress channelled her inner adventurer as she hopped on a jet ski

Image: Sunny Leone Instagram

Pure mermaid

Sunny resembled a mermaid as she swam in the turquoise blue seas of the Maldives

Image: Sunny Leone Instagram

Raising the temperature

The actress turned up the heat as she posed for the gram in her beachwear in the midst of nature

Image: Sunny Leone Instagram

Perfect selfie 

Sunny radiated freshness as she took a selfie on a secluded island

Image: Sunny Leone Instagram

Living the moment

As she boarded a yacht on the island, she looked absolutely content

Video: Sunny Leone Instagram

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