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Raina Reyaz 


NOVEMBER 20, 2023

Tea gardens to visit in India 

Nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, Darjeeling's tea gardens are renowned for their delicate and aromatic teas. Enjoy a leisurely walk through the terraced fields, soaking in breathtaking views

Darjeeling Tea Gardens, West Bengal

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Explore the vast and verdant tea estates of Assam, known for their robust and malty teas. Witness the traditional tea-making process and savor the rich flavors that define this region

Assam Tea Gardens, Assam

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Perched in the Nilgiri Hills, these tea gardens offer a serene escape. Immerse yourself in the cool, misty ambiance as you discover the nuanced flavors of Nilgiri tea

Nilgiri Tea Estates, Tamil Nadu

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Tucked away in the scenic Kangra Valley, these tea gardens boast a unique terroir that imparts a distinct character to the tea. Explore the lush surroundings and savor the mountainous allure

Kangra Valley Tea Gardens, Himachal Pradesh

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Marvel at the sprawling tea plantations that carpet the hills of Munnar. Engage in tea-tasting sessions amidst breathtaking landscapes and serene tea gardens

Munnar Tea Estates, Kerala

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In the charming hill station of Ooty, explore tea gardens that thrive in a cooler climate. Stroll through the neatly manicured estates and relish the tranquility of this picturesque locale

Ooty Tea Gardens, Tamil Nadu

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Wayanad's tea gardens offer a perfect blend of lush greenery and rolling hills. Take a guided tour to witness the tea-making process and enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds you

Kerala's Wayanad Tea Gardens, Kerala

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Delight in the scenic beauty of Meghalaya's tea gardens, where mist-covered hills create a mystical atmosphere. Experience the serene charm and distinctive teas of the region

Meghalaya Tea Gardens, Meghalaya

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Sikkim's tea gardens thrive in the lap of the Eastern Himalayas. Enjoy a sip of the aromatic teas while marveling at the breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains

Sikkim Tea Estates, Sikkim

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The Coorg region is dotted with lush tea estates that offer a tranquil retreat. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Coorg while enjoying the flavorsome teas it produces

Karnataka's Coorg Tea Plantations, Karnataka

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