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Jiya Surana


January 22, 2024

Tips to navigate after marriage with in-laws

From setting boundaries to fostering open communication, here are some insights on cultivating positive relationships during your initial year with your in-laws


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Open, honest conversations with your partner about each other's expectations, boundaries, and concerns regarding interactions with in-laws can prevent misunderstandings

Communication is Key

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Discuss and establish boundaries as a couple. This might involve balancing time spent with each set of in-laws, privacy in your relationship, or how to handle conflicts that involve family

Set Boundaries Together

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Expressing gratitude and respect towards your in-laws can go a long way, even if there are differences. Small gestures and kind words can help build rapport

Show Respect & Appreciation

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While building relationships with in-laws is essential, maintaining your independence as a couple is equally important. Create your own traditions and space as a couple while integrating elements from both families

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Maintain Independence

Recognize that adjusting to new family dynamics can take time. Be patient, understanding, and willing to adapt to different family traditions or ways of interacting

Be Understanding & Flexible

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If conflicts arise that you're unable to resolve independently, consider seeking advice from a counselor or therapist. They can provide guidance on communication strategies and conflict-resolution techniques

Seek Support if Needed

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Present a united front as a couple. If there are issues with in-laws, discuss them privately and present a unified decision or stance to avoid any misunderstandings or attempts to create division

Unity as a Couple

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Find common ground

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Look for common interests or activities that you can enjoy together with your in-laws. This can help build a stronger connection

Not every disagreement is worth fighting over. Learn to let go of minor issues and focus on the bigger picture of maintaining harmony

Choose your battles

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