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Priyanshi Shah


January 19, 2024

Types of Healthy Drinks

The China special green tea supports weight management, and diabetes and gives a healthy start to the day

Green Tea

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Packed with antioxidants, this colorful juice protects cells, fights inflammation, and strengthens your immune system

Pomegranate juice

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Beetroot juice supports your heart by lowering blood pressure and improving blood flow

Beetroot juice

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Add a refreshing twist to your day with a lemon water that boosts your immune system

Lemon water

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This trendy healthy drink is known for its digestive-friendly probiotics

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Perfect for hydration, this drink provides essential potassium for a healthy heart

Coconut Water

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The tasty and nutritious mix of cocoa and milk is rich in antioxidants, Calcium and Vitamin D

Hot Chocolate

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Tangy and full of antioxidants, cranberry juice helps prevent heart issues and supports a healthy urinary tract

Cranberry Juice

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Orange Juice

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A classic fresh orange juice is a vitamin C powerhouse and also offers potassium, thiamine, calcium, and vitamin D for overall health

The consumption of aloe vera juice contributes to the cleansing of our digestive system

Aloe vera juice

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