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Priyanshi Shah


JANUARY 27, 2024

Unhappy Marriage Quotes

“You kids were all in college when I realized that I was left alone with a man who wanted me to be someone I wasn't” 


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“I've learned enough to know that a woman should never wed a man who disliked his mother”


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“He is like a black hole; he sucks away any happiness and hope you have” 


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“A bad husband in a marriage can be like a bully; he’s constantly belittling and berating you” 


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“Divorce is not always tragic. Staying in an unhappy marriage while giving your kids the wrong lesson about love is awful”


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"So far, it's much preferable to be unhappy alone than unhappy with someone"


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“Lack of communication is the main cause of unhappy marriages”


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“I aspire to get married once more because I value marriage and family. But departing from an unhappy marriage was the right thing to do" 


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“An unhappy person in marriage is always the most unhappy kind of parent"


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 "Being together destroyed the two of us. We crushed each other's dreams”


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