fitness and diet plan

Varun Dhawan

March 24, 2021

Varun Dhawan is one of those celebrities who prefers a healthy lifestyle on the whole. He prefers to eat clean and healthy

Varun’s breakfast mostly includes an omelette, a bowl of oatmeal and a whole-wheat grain sandwich

For lunch, he prefers to have three chapatis, brown rice, broccoli and baked chicken

To meet the snacking pangs, Varun feeds on lotus seeds, papaya, banana or some protein smoothie

And dinner is mostly a mix of green vegetables and grilled fish

When it comes to workouts, Varun trains regularly with the renowned fitness coach and pilates trainer, Namrata Purohit

According to Namrata, Varun sweats it for one and a half hour, four to six times a week depending on his schedule

His exercise routine includes a mix of pilates, weight training and strengthening his body

Varun’s routine may sometimes include a few more or fewer exercises, depending on the movie projects

He is also a fan of dance and loves cycling whenever he can

Varun Dhawan believes that instead of focusing on a muscular body, the aim is to become flexible and limber

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