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Mohit K Dixit


june 02, 2024

Ways to attract someone without chasing

Always be confident. Your body language speak a lot 


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Pursue your interests passionately; it’s attractive when someone has their own life outside of a relationship


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Set healthy boundaries to maintain your self-respect, privacy and freedom 

Healthy Boundaries

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Be true to yourself; authenticity is magnetic and draws people in


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Radiate positivity around yourself; a happy vibe is contagious and attractive

Positive Energy

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Be kind  to others; it’s a trait that’s universally appealing


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Take care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally; Self-care is attractive

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Don’t be too serious all the time; a good sense of humor will make you more charming and appealing 

Sense of Humor

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Be a good listener; showing genuine interest in others is an attractive quality 

Listening Skills

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Pursue your goals with confidence; ambition is attractive

Confidence in Pursuits

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