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Jiya Surana


may 25, 2024

Zodiac signs and their ideal partners 

Someone who'll remind them of their first love. Someone who is timid, caring and a bit clumsy


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Someone who takes care of them and listens. They're ready to marry you in a month if you're a match for them


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Someone they've known for a few days, just for fun and because they love spontaneity


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Someone who will show them compassion and care after a toxic relationship


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Someone who happens to be in the right place at the right time, and simply starting a conversation

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Someone who may not immediately appeal to them but who will persistently insist on a relationship, and later they will fall in love with them


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Someone whom they will initially hate, but within that hatred, a spark of love and sympathy will ignite


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Someone who will initially be very shy but will reveal their charisma when they are with them


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Someone who takes the initiative into their own hands, being the first to kiss them, propose, etc

Someone creative who will give them unusual gifts and impress them


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