Nov 9, 2021


Major controversies of Bigg Boss

Akshat Sundrani

Armaan Kohli was detained on the set of Bigg Boss 7 after co-contestant Sofia Hayat filed a complaint accusing him of abusing her during their time on the reality show

Armaan Kohli & Sofia Hayat

(Source- Armaan Kohli Instagram)

It was one of the biggest spats in Bigg Boss history, and the actor was later released on bail

(Source- Sofia Hayat Instagram)

Zeeshan Khan was evicted from Bigg Boss OTT after being violent with Pratik Sehajpal

 (Source- Zeeshan Khan Instagram)

Zeeshan Khan & Pratik Sehajpal

After his eviction, he shared pictures of his injuries on social media, causing a huge uproar as many people supported him and deemed his eviction unfair

(Source- Pratik Sehajpal Instagram)

The charming television actor stirred outrage after becoming angry with co-contestant Andy during a task on Bigg Boss 7

Kushal Tandon & Andy

 (Source- Kushal Tandon Instagram)

He was asked to leave the house because of his behaviour

(Source- Andy Instagram)

Rashami Desai was apparently in a relationship with Arhaan Khan, but things fell apart on Bigg Boss 13

Rashami Desai & Arhaan Khan

(Source- Rashami Desai Instagram)

She discovered that he had a son from a prior marriage that he had not told her about. This generated a great commotion, and people were taken aback

(Source- Arhaan Khan Instagram)

KRK was the centre of attention in Bigg Boss season 3. His disagreement with designer Rohit Verma was the trigger for his eviction

Kamaal Rashid Khan & Rohit Verma

(Source- KRK Instagram)

He was expelled from the show after throwing a bottle at Rohit Verma, instead striking actress Shamita Shetty

(Source- KRK Instagram)

In Bigg Boss 15, Umar Riaz stated that his fellow participant, Simba Nagpal, made an Islamophobic remark against him and labelled him a terrorist

Umar Riaz & Simba Nagpal

(Source- Umar Riaz Instagram)

This generated a massive commotion on social media, with people tweeting 'evict simba now' in response to his behaviour

(Source- Simba Nagpal Instagram)

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