oct 6, 2021

Times Urfi Javed was trolled for outfits

In an airport outfit, she donned denim jeans and a crop jacket with a pink bra underneath that drew everyone's attention

She received a lot of flak for her look, and she stated that if she wanted limelight, she would have gone out naked

Urfi Javed was spotted in Lokhandwala wearing a shimmery beige dress that was backless but it had a head cover

Many people criticised her on social media after seeing her outfit and claiming that it violated her religious doctrine

She stirred another fuss with her outfits when she was seen wearing a bralette made of socks

Many netizens were disgusted with her outfit and labelled her as a fashion disaster

Urfi Javed has been getting attention for her fashion choices. She was seen at the airport wearing unbuttoned jeans, which caught everyone's attention

The outrage over her outfits persists, and she chooses to remain herself while disregarding the criticism

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