Guess Who: This senior actor pulled up a Gen Y star at a filmy party for flirting with his superstar wife
Guess Who: This actor who just tripled his fee was asked to take a massive pay cut, fought with his producers
This Day That Year
Guess Who: This young actor isn't happy with the digital release of his next, won't promote the film anymore
Guess Who: This actor has been asked to vacate his apartment after neighbours complain of his lifestyle
Guess Who: This heroine is in a secret relationship with a married producer, signs two films under his banner
Guess Who: This actor is desperately trying to get this project, after a Gen Y star walked out of it
Guess Who: Despite several success films, this actor isn't in A league; producers miffed with his pay hike
Guess Who: This gorgeous actress is struggling to find work; signs a film with a #MeToo accused director
Guess Who: This maverick director can't control his sexual needs; calls starlets to his house despite lockdown
Guess Who: This superstar is insecure of his own son; didn't let him play his younger self in next
Guess Who: This senior married actor is often spotted outside this starlet's house at wee hours
Guess Who: This top South actress had a fling with a superstar hero and his two sons
Guess Who: This superstar wants to ghost direct his next, a remake of a popular South film
Guess Who: This Bollywood couple went through a rough patch, broke up and got back together
Guess Who: This actor is having a fling with a senior heroine who his elder brother once had a scene with
Guess Who: This filmmaker isn't happy with the second half of his next starring a superstar; Is rewriting it
Guess Who: This young actress left her entire film crew exhausted with her tantrums and demands
Guess Who: This Gen Y couple broke up because the heroine couldn't handle the actor's over indulgent behaviour
Guess Who: This popular TV couple split because the wife had a fling with her hunky co star
Guess Who: This GenY star wants to reunite with this director after their last flop but his team is against it
Guess Who: This senior filmmaker calls young starlets to his bungalow for 'some fun'
Guess Who: This South star fears separating from his wife because of his megastar father in law
Guess Who: This actor who delivered a huge hit refused a woman centric film that stars his favourite co star
Guess Who: This Gen Y star walking out of his next has upset his filmmaker mentor and director buddy
Guess Who: This Gen-Y heroine who's famous for her socially relevant films behaves terribly with her entourage
GUESS WHO: Did THIS superstar deliberately plan his overseas event at the same time as another macho star?
Guess Who: This starkid is not well endowed in the nether region; are steroids to be blamed?
GUESS WHO: Not for your in law, dude; TOP superstar rejects another’s film causing friction in friendship
GUESS WHO: A superstar and makers of blockbuster sequel strike lucrative deals leaving the director upset
Guess Who: This star kid hooks up with random girls and believes in being friends with benefits
Guess Who? To avoid an EXPLOSIVE clash, makers of a top star’s hot movie are planning to postpone it
Guess Who: This Gen Y star is confused about his next and wants to walk out of the already announced film
Guess Who: This producer was shocked after watching final cut of his next, slams director for being careless
Guess Who: This top filmmaker had a major fallout with a Gen Y star after he refused to do a cameo in his next
Guess Who: This A-list heroine quoted double her market price to star opposite a superstar in his next
Guess Who: This top heroine refused an action thriller because her superstar mentor doesn't like the lead star
Guess Who: Top high-profile glam filmmakers have a MAJOR fallout and are giving cold shoulder each other
Guess Who: This newbie actress had a major fallout with her filmmaker mentor
Guess Who: This producer actor is miffed at his co star after he questioned the film's storyline
Guess Who: This superstar wife asked her actor husband to sign this sequel, after he had rejected it once

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Pinkvilla has updated its Privacy and Cookie policy. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and show you Personalized advertisement