Defeat Raven Beak in Metroid Dread; Read more

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Defeat Raven Beak in Metroid Dread; Read more
Defeat Raven Beak in Metroid Dread; Read more

The Metroid Dread players have to fight a long battle against Raven Beak; however, if they use the right strategies, they can win in no time. There are a lot of challenging fights in the game such as the Experiment No. Z-57, but they can be defeated if the players are doing the right thing. However, there are no shortcuts to defeat the Raven Beak. The players should collect as many Missiles and Energy Tanks as they can ahead of the fight. 

Raven Beak Boss fight in Metroid Dead

The players have to go through three phases during the Raven Beak Boss fight in Metroid Dread. Raven Beak can use a good amount of attacks during the first phase.

Raven Beak Fight: First phase attack


  1. Overhead beam that scans around Raven beak.

  2. Very quick dash attack that Samus can counter.

  3. Large red wave attack that covers most of the room.

  4. Gestures at Samus to come near before charging at her.

  5. Fires a black sphere that can be shot down for items.

Defeat Raven Beak in Metroid Dread; Read more

Metroid Dread players can jump over the attacks easily if they know what they are doing. If they run towards the Raven Beak then they can be safe from the overhead beam. The first phase is not difficult and the players can get through it without any damage. 

The players should shoot down the black sphere, everytime the Raven beak fires it. They should keep collecting the Missiles and health that the Raven Beak drops. 

Raven Beak gains wings and loses invincibility in the second wave.

Raven Beak fight: Second phase attack


  1. Tracks Samus as she moves to later spray bullets at her.

  2. Charges horizontally.

  3. Fires a mega cannon that does tons of damage.

  4. Charges down from above Samus.

The players can avoid the downward charges and mega cannon by just sliding and jumping. They can jump over the horizontal charges and they can spin jump around raven beak to deal with the bullet sprays. 

Raven Beak loses wings and starts using the first phase attacks after enough damage is done. So the players can use the same strategies they used in the first phase.

There will be two new tricks, orb and charge shot, that raven beak will use for damage. However, it can be avoided by the players by just jumping over. The orb can be destroyed by a power bomb and the players should use it wisely. After all this, you will see that the player has defeated the Raven Beak.

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