Krafton decided not to release the Emulator version of Battlegrounds Mobile India

Updated on Sep 08, 2021 07:24 PM IST  |  156.5K
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Krafton decided not to release the Emulator version of Battlegrounds Mobile India

Krafton, the company behind the development of the popular online multiplayer game PUBG Mobile (aka BGMI) has shared some updates regarding the BGMI hack. It seems that the developers are working hard to keep hackers and cheaters away from the game. The company has added an in-game customer support section that will allow players to report hacking or cheating. Battlegrounds Mobile India already has an anti-cheat system that is capable of detecting hackers but in case cheaters manage to get the breakthrough then players also have the option of reporting such events. To avoid cheating the company has decided not to release BGMI on Emulator. 


BGMI Emulator


“In BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA, a 24-hour security system is applied to detect and ban cheaters. If an account is detected to be using an illegal program, the account gets automatically banned in real-time. You might have come across a notification that informs a real-time sanction to the cheater. And we are informing you through an anti-cheat notice weekly on the website, about the number of accounts sanctioned,” reads the official forum. 


"In addition to the system, we regularly search and investigate the promotion/use of illegal programs on websites including Youtube, and manually sanctioning them. Any channels that are advertising/promoting the use of illegal programs, we are working hard to block them. If you come across such channels that are advertising/promoting, please contact us via customer service; we will definitely review and take action."


According to the company, it will not release the Battlegrounds Mobile India emulator version for PC due to cheating concerns. It seems that the emulator version is the easiest way to use hacking tools and get a breakthrough in the anti-cheat system. "Unfortunately, in emulator version, it is expected to happen easier (sic) the illegal actions such as falsification, etc. compared to the mobile environment," reads the official website.


In the past few weeks, Krafton has banned thousands of accounts that are indulged in cheating and using hacking tools. The company has made sure that it will not tolerate any kind of unfair gameplay. Let’s see what else the company is going to do to avoid cheaters and hackers. 


When is BGMI shutting down Facebook data transfers?
Krafton is shutting down the Facebook account transfer feature from September 28th, 2021.

What are the new BGMI policy update?
The game developers have announced that post-October 5th, the BGMI player has to install the Facebook app to log in to the game.

What is BGMI Facebook data transfers?
At the time of launch, the game developers allowed users to retrieve their PUBG Mobile account and transfer it to BGMI.