Why you should not remove the protective layer on your Nintendo Switch OLED model

Updated on Oct 11, 2021 01:04 PM IST  |  126K
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Why you should not remove the protective layer on your Nintendo Switch OLED model

The new Nintendo Switch OLED model is already out for sale and many gaming enthusiasts are using it. But these new Nintendo Switch OLED variants come with a protective layer on top of the screen, and the company has advised users to not remove that layer as it will protect your OLED screen from any harm, screen break, or scratches. This new protective layer on top of your OLED model is called "anti-scattering adhesive film" by Nintendo. 

This is the first time Nintendo has used glass in its gaming console. All the previous Nintendo switches used to come with plastic screens. This protective layer will not only protect the screen but will also protect the users from all the sharp glass edges if the screen breaks.  

Nintendo Switch OLED

Nintendo also confirmed that the protective layer on the top of the new Nintendo switch OLED model should stay there, and they also advised users that if they want they can apply another screen protector of their choice on top of it.

Nintendo's spokesperson said to IGN that, "As said on the 2nd page of the user guideline book of the Nintendo switch OLED which comes with the console in the box that users should not remove the anti-scattering adhesive film from their Nintendo switch OLED." He further added that "Nintendo also sells original screen protector for its OLED models these protectors can fit perfectly with your console."   

The Nintendo switch OLED model was launched on 8th October 2021. In my opinion, the OLED model of the Nintendo Switch is not the right choice over the original one. However, if you are looking for a portable and handy gaming console that you can carry anywhere you want, then the new Nintendo switch might be the best option for you. 

If you are someone who already has the older Nintendo switch, and if you play your games most of the time in docked mode then the new OLED model doesn't make much sense for you.  

What are the differences between the Nintendo Switch and Switch OLED version?
The new Nintendo Switch OLED model comes with an upgraded screen, higher internal memory, better audio output, and a slightly improved design. The new Nintendo gaming console also comes with a redesigned kickstand on the rear.

What are the processor and storage details of the Nintendo Switch OLED?
Similar to the previous Nintendo Switch, the new Switch OLED version also has the NVIDIA Tegra X1 processor. The chipset of the device is accompanied by 64GB of internal memory.

What is the price of the Nintendo Switch OLED?
The Nintendo Switch OLED version is priced at $350, which is $50 higher than the earlier model. The gaming console will be available in the standard Neon Red / Neon Blue as well as a White colour variant.


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