Bangalore based 19-year old developed a social-media app; exclusive interaction

Updated on Sep 09, 2021 05:13 AM IST  |  64K
Bangalore based 19-year old developed a social-media app; exclusive interaction

Social media platforms play an important part in the life of people. These platforms help users to stay in touch with friends and also find new ones. In the race of being the best apps, the companies are offering interesting features and making it easier for users to use social media apps. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, and more are basically US-based but it seems that the Indian developers are also coming up with some interesting social media apps which might make your life easier.

One such app is Noogah which is developed by Nakshatra, a 19-year-old girl and a NIFT student based out of Bangalore, who started with a vision to bring forth a platform that streamlines the exchange of viewpoints. She witnessed the power of opinions, she witnessed the effect of these opinions changing the decision making the landscape of the nation and she believed that a platform that eliminates the social media clutter can give these opinions power and thus was born noo-gah!

We have interacted with Nakshatra Sanjai and Sanjai Velayudhan the co-founder of Noogah and asked them some questions regarding the app and how it’s different from the popular social media apps. Here is the question which we asked and her replies to all those questions.

How does noo-gah!’s algorithm work?

The app is structured in a way that with every activity, members earn GEMs. Be it like, share, comment anything, one can accrue GEMs that’ll help level up. Depending on the kind of engagement on member profiles and posts, the likes, video comments etc, the content will appear on the trending page. With each level, the rate of GEMs accrual also increases. These are just a few ways in which a member can optimise and grow his/her profile and following.

noo-gah! proudly is the only social media platform that is fully ‘gamified’, has social badges and has an inbuilt loyalty rewards structure. At a later point in time, we aspire to create a redemption catalogue against which GEMs can be redeemed.

Does noo-gah! plan on giving blue ticks, if yes then how do you verify the profiles?

We see people on Instagram, Twitter etc dying to get verified because that seems to be the ultimate milestone when aspiring to be an influencer. We wanted to knock the blue tick off its high pedestal. And so, we’ve introduced ‘tiers of recognition’ based on the popularity of content. Depending on profile/post-engagement/popularity, the level or tier etc, members start with a coloured tick based on progress. The most important thing is that these ticks are issued entirely based on the rules engine in the backend.

While we would have liked to eliminate them, we acknowledge that blue ticks are an important factor that helps in identifying the authenticity of a celebrity profile. Thus, noo-gah! will issue blue ticks or verification ticks on the basis of strict criteria.

Thus, ‘celebrities’ & non-celebrities will have a tick against their profile.

Will text ever be built into noo-gah! or will it always be a video-only social network?

At noo-gah! We want people to come to the forefront and express themselves freely. We believe that a video is the most efficient way to do so. Text response is allowed only as a reply to a video. So, we do not believe that we would require the addition of text/picture posts. noo-gah! believes that anonymity reduces the authenticity of the content. There will be mainly two segments of members on noo-gah!-opinion leaders & opinion followers. The latter will obviously outnumber the former substantially.

What are privacy laws implemented by noo-gah! to protect the consumer? Does noo-gah! abide by the new IT laws? Is it end to end encrypted?

noo-gah! is fully compliant with the government’s new IT laws. In fact, whichever country we operate, we will comply with the law of the land.

Yes, we are end to end encrypted.

Why would people prefer noo-gah over Facebook and Instagram?

While there is a wide array of options available when it comes to social media, what we lack in today’s time is a platform dedicated to opinions, thoughts and ideas. We as a platform encourage credible, coherent content over frivolity. While there is opinion and thought driven content on platforms like Instagram, Facebook etc, it drowns in an ocean of digital data. We want people to be able to add some value to their social lives every time they use noo-gah! That’s why we firmly believe that noo-gah! is the perfect platform for opinion leaders and change-makers.

What are your expansion plans?

The app is currently available in India and the Middle East region. The initial months for the app is a study phase for all of us. Once we have met our established KPIs then we aim to expand globally.