How Game streaming is brewing for the Future Gamers in India?

Updated on Sep 03, 2021 02:55 AM IST  |  113.7K
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How Game streaming is brewing for the Future Gamers in India?

India’s live-streaming gaming industry is about USD 35-50 million, according to a recent report. Experts suggest that it might rise to USD 300 million in the next three years. In fact, Live streaming is already a USD 10 billion industry globally, which is predicted to reach USD 13 billion by the end of this year with over 19 million content creators. 

With the surge in live stream viewers in India, live streaming platforms are setting a new benchmark in the content creation space. Today content creation and consumption are not limited to OTT platforms like Netflix, but live game streaming is now gaining huge momentum and making its way to the bigger picture. 

From conventional mainstream sports to e-sports, gaming, and online entertainment, live streaming has been used successfully in India to bridge the gap between new technology and traditional formats. To know more about the streaming platforms and live streaming growth in India I had an exclusive interaction with Piyush Kumar, Founder and CEO, Rooter, where he has shared some important information about the gaming scenario in India. 

I asked Piyush about the analysis regarding game streaming in India? How big has it become? What is the scope of its growth in the Indian market? 


On this Piyush replied by saying, before looking at the game streaming market, we must consider the overall gaming market, which has grown tremendously in the last couple of years. According to him, many new game formats were introduced in the market, particularly first-person shooter games like PUBG, Free fire, Fortnite, and more. 

“Right now we are looking at more than 400 million people playing games in India, out of which, around 225 million people play first-person shooter games, which is an addressable market for game streaming. The number of people currently consuming gaming content through game streaming and gaming videos is between the range of 100 and 125 million in India,” as per Piyush. 

“As the gaming market continues to mature, game streaming is emerging as a strong vertical, which will not only have a massive section of people in India consuming the content but also monetising them. The success of this category is based on two major macro trends; a majority of people in India playing online games, and their everlasting love for watching content. Game streaming is an intersection of both these trends, which will come out as a big entertainment genre in the market. In terms of revenue, the overall gaming market is slated to generate $3 billion by 2023 while game streaming is expected to generate $300 million,” he added. 

During the interaction, I also asked him What sets apart the streamers on Rooter as compared to other streaming platforms like YOUTUBE and Twitch? 

“There are quite a few essential factors that differentiate Rooter from YouTube and Twitch. Our platform is far more focused on mobile game streaming than the other two platforms in terms of its tools and audience. Secondly, we are dedicated to building a large base of streamers through their mobiles as compared to YouTube, which is popular only among the big streamers rather than the masses. Whereas, Twitch is more successful in the west than in India. So Rooter’s focus on mobile, good creation tools, and building a strong streaming community is really helping it stand out against the two global players,” he replied. 


"Firstly, we want to build a much larger local streaming community than the other two global players, which Rooter has an advantage of because it is an Indian platform. Secondly, we want to continue being a popular app on Google Play Store- Rooter is the No.1 App in the sports category since October 2020. In fact, at present, we are also among the top 60 apps in the country among all the categories. We also want to have a customer-focused product, which allows us to have a high ranking, which we want to maintain. Lastly, we will be investing in marketing and building Rooter as a brand as we raise more funds and that should help more people get aware of the platform," he added further.