Instagram rolled out a fix for Stories caused by the iOS 15 bug; all you need to know

Updated on Sep 27, 2021 03:14 AM IST  |  155.1K
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Instagram rolled out a fix for Stories caused by the iOS 15 bug; all you need to know

Apple has recently rolled out its latest iOS 15 updates for all iPhone users with an array of features. However, it seems that the software update also comes with some bugs which have affected the functioning of Instagram. According to several reports, the users who have upgraded to iOS 15 are facing some annoying things with their Instagram, the audio of Instagram Stories are disable for many users and we have witnessed them complaining about the same on social media platforms like Reddit, Twitter, and more. It seems Instagram took this matter very seriously and pushed an update that fixes the bug. 



As per the report, the same issue was reported when the iOS 15 beta was released for developers and beta users. It seems that the social media platform has muted the audio of the Stories if the handset is on silent mode, which is not supposed to happen. The ringer switch is supposed to mute the text calls and alarms, not the in-app audio. So far the widespread of the issue is not clear, but some folk on Reddit are suggesting that the silent mode on their iPhone is causing this issue. 


“Hi guys, so I’m on ios 15 beta 2 and when I want to watch an Instagram story or a video sent by someone, I can’t hear the sound if I have a silent mode on. Any fixes to this?” read a Reddit post. 


Meanwhile, Instagram has also fixed another bug that was causing issues with the iPhone 13 smaller notch. iPhone 13 users were facing issues with the search bar of Instagram at the top of the display. It was layered beneath the iOS status bar which was making it difficult for users to get access to the search bar and DMs. The new update also fixes this issue for the users. To download the fix, all you have to do is to install the latest update for Instagram on the Apple App Store and you are good to go. 

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