WhatsApp won't be deleting accounts if the Privacy Policy is not accepted

2 months ago  |  147.7K
WhatsApp won't be deleting accounts if the Privacy Policy is not accepted

A few months back WhatsApp informed us users about the new policy changes that were coming to WhatsApp. They did so by updating status from WhatsApp on our WhatsApp status page. 


The Status read that WhatsApp will soon be updating its Privacy Policy. The new updated policy somehow managed to confuse the users into believing that WhatsApp will have access to all their information. On the other hand, WhatsApp was trying to explain the opposite. I am listing down what WhatsApp meant in their updated privacy policy.


  • WhatsApp or Facebook won't be able to “see your private messages or hear your calls” as personal messages are protected by end-to-end encryption and will continue to be so.
  • WhatsApp or Facebook, does keep logs of your messages or calls because the data dump can be a “privacy and security risk”.
  • WhatsApp or Facebook do not have access to the location shared with a friend since it is also protected by end-to-end encryption.
  • WhatsApp does not share a user’s contacts with Facebook, or any other app.
  • No data from groups is given to Facebook or any other entity for ad purposes and all the communication within is end-to-end encrypted. 


The only change in the policy was that WhatsApp for business will not have end to end encryption like personal and primate messages have.


To go even further, WhatsApp has now stated that they will not be deleting accounts of people who are not accepting the terms of the New Privacy Policy. Initially, users who did not accept the policy could not use WhatsApp, but the account was never deleted.