Your old phones will not support WhatsApp post-November 1st; know why

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Your old phones will not support WhatsApp post-November 1st; know why

WhatsApp, the popular online instant messaging app has been in the headlines throughout this year for all good and bad reasons and now once again the company has made an important announcement. According to Facebook owner WhatsApp, the app will soon stop working on some selected phones from November 1st. Yes! You read it correctly, the company has confirmed that the app will stop working on phones which are running on Android versions older than Android 4.1. Let’s have a closer look at the announcement and see why WhatsApp has taken this decision. 


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WhatsApp will not be supported on older phones


As mentioned above, WhatsApp has announced that the app will not be supported on phones running before Android version 4.1. For iOS, the company confirmed that it will be supported only on Apple devices on and above iOS 10 and it will only support KaiOS 2.5.0 for the ones who are enjoying WhatsApp on feature phones. JioPhone and JioPhone 2 users needn’t have to worry about the support as the phone runs on the latest version of the operating system. 


According to the report, the move of eliminating support for older versions of the operating system is to improve the overall security system of the platform. The latest version of the operating system will give users a hold on privacy and security, which is beneficial for users. Moreover, it’s difficult for the company to send security updates to the old phones running on an older version, this might give a window to hackers to use the vulnerability to access the platform and plant malicious malware. 


Just in case if you’re using an old phone that doesn’t meet the above criteria, then your account will be automatically logged out from the app post-November 1st. Moreover, you won’t be able to log in to the app unless your phone is running on the latest version of the operating system. Also do note that, if you are switching from an older KaiOS to a smartphone then you won’t be able to transfer your app data or chat history. So you have to start from the beginning. 

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