Coronavirus Lockdown: Despite PM's confirmation on availability of essentials, e com sites are not operational

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Coronavirus Lockdown: Despite PM's confirmation on availability of essentials, e com sites are not operational

The Coronavirus outbreak has created a sense of panic across the globe with people shutting themselves in their houses. While everyone is making their best efforts to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi also climbed the bandwagon and issued a country-wide lockdown to prevent the spread of COVD-19. In a speech held at 8 pm yesterday, the PM issued a lockdown from midnight until the next 21 days. 

As soon as the news broke, people started panic buying to ration food for their homes in spite of essential commodities to remain available. In the speech, it had been made clear that there are ways to buy the essentials however, major websites who deliver essential goods are already out of order. While quite a few of them mailed their customers, others made the fact very evident on their homepages that they are temporarily shut down. People and students in major cities resort to these websites for their essentials and them being one of the major distributors of commodities, it has become difficult for people to function. The Ministry of Home Affairs have also tweeted a few guidelines for the coming 21-day lockdown. Adding to it, they have also mentioned a list of all the essentials that will be available in local markets. 


Here are a few of them:

While these websites have been temporarily shut, most people are in a state of panic and buying commodities in bulk quantities from their nearest departmental stores. 

Now, that these are out of order, the decision does make sense as it is in favour of the delivery men and people who work at the backend and factories. 

While some of these websites are shut, others are making their best efforts to help the citizens. Here’s an example of a company delivering essentials in major parts of the country. 

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Anonymous : Shops don’t have enough resources even in the morning , it’s first day of lockdown and limited items in stock , God knows what will happen after a week ! Modi needs to up and focus on his economy and people !
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Anonymous : Since few days online grocery is showing error, grocery shops are open for few hours in morning with long waiting outside (unsafe crowding) , police is intimidating people outside grocery to go back to homes . Government is not implementing and providing what they claimed to provide (basic essentials ) .
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