Coronavirus: Mumbai Police shuts down rumours of Army deployment in the city to enforce lockdown

Mumbai Police took to its social media handle to deny all rumours of Army deployment in the city to enforce a strict Coronavirus lockdown. Here’s what they had to say.
Coronavirus,COVID 19,Mumbai Police,Coronavirus Lockdown Coronavirus: Mumbai Police shuts down rumours of Army deployment in the city to enforce lockdown
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Coronavirus or COVID 19 cases have been on the rise in the country and one of the worst hit states is Maharashtra. The number of cases of COVID 19 have been increasing and due to the same, a strict lockdown was enforced in Mumbai as well. Amid this, rumours of army deployment also came out that left citizens panicking. However, on Thursday, Mumbai Police took to social media to deny all such rumours of army deployment and also suggested people to use their free time in better ways. 

Taking to their official Twitter handle, Mumbai Police tweeted, “We know there is a lot of free time. But it can definitely be utilised to do things better than spreading #rumours ! Neither do you need to hoard essentials nor is the army or paramilitary being called out. Just stay calm & stay home. That’s all we need to do to combat #corona .” While rumours of Army and Paramilitary forces came out, the Mumbai police was quick to shut them down. 

Mumbai police commissioner Param Bir Singh had said that everyone is fighting a common enemy that is Coronavirus. He even said that he feels in the end, they will win the war against COVID 19. Mumbai and Pune continue to be the most affected in Maharashtra where the total number of cases have surpassed 17000 mark and day by day, the numbers of COVID 19 positive patients is increasing. Not just this, several policemen also have contracted COVID 19 while doing their duty. More than 233, officers were tested positive of the deadly virus and 3 casualties have been reported so far. 

Check out Mumbai Police tweet:

A few days back, the Ministry of Home Affairs had announced that the lockdown will be extended till May 17. However, the country was segregated in Green, Orange and red zones and a number of activities were allowed in each of them. However, with each passing day, the number of cases have been increasing everyday in India.