COVID 19 lockdown: Pregnant woman delivers in empty plot after failing to find hospital, doctor couple helps

In Bengaluru, a pregnant woman had to face the consequence of the Coronavirus lockdown as she failed to find a hospital for 5 kms after walking and delivered the baby in a plot. However, a doctor couple saved the baby and woman.
Coronavirus,bengaluru,COVID 19,Pregnant woman COVID 19 lockdown: Pregnant woman delivers in empty plot after failing to find hospital, doctor couple helps
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Coronavirus or COVID 19 lockdown has impacted the lives of millions of people across the globe. In India too, a lockdown till May 3 has been extended and hence, the lives of many have been affected. In a recent update, a pregnant woman in Bengaluru ended up walking for 5 kilometers in search of a hospital after she went into premature labour. But, when she couldn’t find any hospital, she ended up delivering the baby in an empty field and was unconscious. 

As per a report in the News Minute, a doctor couple came to the aid of the woman and her husband soon after she delivered the baby which ended up saving her life and the baby’s as well. The report stated that Dr Ramya Himanish and her husband run a clinic in Doddabommasandra in Bengaluru. When the pregnant woman and her husband couldn’t find a hospital after walking 5 Kilometers, they ended up heading to Dr Ramya’s clinic. 

But, the doctor told the portal that they weren’t expecting delivery till May and hence, just were looking for doctors to get the woman checked up for pain. When Dr Ramya tried to attend to her, she asked for the washroom which was on the floor above and she couldn’t climb it due to pain. In the end, the pregnant woman went to relieve herself in an empty field and ended up delivering in the field. However, when this happened, the baby wasn’t breathing and the woman was bleeding profusely. 

The doctor also mentioned that soon after this, she called her husband for help. Dr Ramya mentioned that her husband, who is a general physician, helped control the bleeding and the woman regained consciousness. Dr Ramya also expressed that they had only dental machines and using those, they tried to control her bleeding. Post the pregnant woman was stable, the doctor couple paid attention to the baby who wasn’t breathing. After Dr Ramya’s husband gave mouth to mouth respiration to the baby, he started breathing and then, they called for an ambulance to take the woman and baby to KC General Hospital. Dr Ramya said, “It was only yesterday, that someone from the hospital sent me a photo of the baby and told me that both the mother and baby are fine.”

Hence, the woman and baby were saved by the doctor couple amid the Coronavirus lockdown. Cases like these have been reported across the nation as due to the lockdown, several facilities are not available. Meanwhile, Coronavirus cases in India are on the rise. As of now, more than 17000 cases have been reported across India from several states. 

Anonymous 1 year ago

This breaks my heart. I am relieved that they are safe.