Elderly Pune woman selling pens for a living is winning the internet

Updated on Oct 19, 2021 12:00 PM IST  |  120.1K
Elderly Pune woman selling pens for a living is winning the internet
Elderly Pune woman selling pens for a living is winning the internet (Pic Credits: Shikha Rathi/ Instagram)

The human spirit has often defeated many challenging obstacles in the path of life. And every once in a while, we come across the stories of such indomitable spirits and their fights, which move and inspire us to our cores. Recently, the picture and story of one such elderly woman from Pune selling pens for a living started doing the rounds on the internet, and it soon went viral. 

Last week, an Instagram user named Shikha Rathi posted a picture of an elderly woman named Ratan on her feed. In the picture, the adorable aged woman can be seen selling pens with a note that read, “I don’t want to beg. Please buy Rs. 10/- Blue color pens. Thank you. Bless you”. Sharing this picture, Shikha wrote a long and detailed post articulating her experience with Ratan. Her caption read, “Today I met a real life hero and champion- Ratan! I had gone out with a friend when we met Ratan. When we read her note, my friend immediately made a purchase. Ratan was overjoyed and we could see gratitude and kindness in her eyes! She thanked us and didn't even push us further to purchase more pens from her! Her integrity along with her sweet smile, kind heart and her joyful attitude made me purchase more pens from her!”

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Shikha further added, “Just seeing her smile and gratitude has filled my heart. And she deserves to be celebrated and shared, so hence the post!! P.S. If you'll are in MG road, Pune I would really like to encourage you'll to interact and buy the pens from her! It will definitely bring a smile to your face!”

Take a look: 

In a few days, Shikha’s post went viral, as Ratan’s story touched and inspired people. One user wrote, “This is just so beautiful”. While another wrote, “Wow, this is amazing Shikha! Will definitely go n buy!”

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