Elephant enjoys eating maize, leaves netizens amused; Video go viral

Updated on Jul 23, 2021 05:13 PM IST  |  493.3K
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Elephant enjoys eating maize, leaves netizens amused; Video go viral

Elephants are one of the most friendly animals on the planet. They always amuse humans with their cute behaviour. On the internet, many of their videos go viral. Always living in between human beings, they have adopted many habits from them. And today we have got a hand on one of them. A video of an elephant eating maize has gone viral on social media and is winning hearts. It has left netizens in awe. They are sharing it from different accounts and also dropping comments.

The small video, which was originally posted on the Twitter handle by the name of Gannuprem, shows the elephant removing the outer cover of the corn and then finishing it off all at once. An IFS officer Sudha Ramen wrote sharing the video, “Maize is one of their favourite foods #elephants.” As soon as she posted the video on Twitter, people started commenting. One of the users wrote, “Gentle giant totally.” Another one wrote, “I think banana is one of the favourite foods for elephants.”

“This white kernel variety of maize is what we grew up relishing. It is nowhere to be seen these days in North India. We used to call it doodhiya bhutta,” a user wrote.

Check the tweet here:

Recently, a video of an elephant had gone viral. In the video, the baby elephant is seen grazing in the forest alone. “This one just learnt the art of choosing perfect grass (sic),” the officer wrote as the caption for the video. He often shares amazing animal videos on his Twitter handle. It is so soothing to see them.

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