Good Friday 2019: Why is Good Friday celebrated? Here’s a look at its significance and history

Good Friday 2019 is here. Here’s a detailed look of its significance and history for the Christian community. Read on.

Good Friday is a day of immense emotional and historical importance for all Christians all over the world. This year, Good Friday is falling on April 19. It is also known as Black Friday, Holy Friday or Great Friday. It marks the day of the crucifixion of Lord Jesus Christ and his death on the cross. It is observed a day preceding the Easter Sunday and may coincide with the observance of Passover for the Jews. On this day, Christians observe fasts and pray at the Church all day. 

It is a belief among Christians that Jesus was crucified on Good Friday three days after which he rose again, and hence, the days are called Easter Triduum. In various parts of the world, Good Friday is a holiday as the day is spent observing fast and praying. The death of Jesus holds a special meaning, and hence, Good Friday’s significance comes from the fact that the Lord sacrificed himself to rid all humanity of all the sins. Hence, it is called ‘Good’ Friday. 

Early morning, Christians wake up and start their day with mourning. They pray for repentance and forgiveness from the Lord Jesus as he sacrificed his life for the greater good of mankind. To mark this day, all celebratory decorations are removed and at the church services, priests are seen dressed in black robes. The symbol used to depict Good Friday is that of Lord Jesus on a crucifix or a cross to signify his death for the world. The festival means different things to people from different lands and hence, many celebrate it differently. 

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