Gurmehar Kaur gets involved in a case of mistaken identity while campaigning for Kanhaiya Kumar; Read On

There are often unforeseen controversies when a person gets accused in the case of mistaken identity. Recently, Gurmehar Kaur who is an Indian student activist and author got involved in a controversy for the ongoing campaigning for CPI Candidate Kanhaiya Kumar.


There are often times when people who are actively involved in the political scene during the election season are constantly in the risk of some unwanted controversies. A similar situation was faced by author and student activist Gurmehar Kaur who recently got embroiled in one such controversy. It all started when a video of a woman dancing on the front seat of a car started going viral online with the message that the woman is none other than Gurmehar Kaur, but now, the truth is finally out which shows that the woman dancing in the car and campaigning for Kanhaiya Kumar is not Gurmehar Kaur. 
The video went viral further through a Facebook post which was a combination of two pictures and a video. The caption on the post read as, "This madam, Gurmehar Kaur, is campaigning for Kanhaiya. They will develop Begusarai. They aren’t even ashamed.” In the video, a woman can be seen dancing inside the car to a Hindi song. It has now been revealed that all the pictures are of Shehla Rashid who is the former Vice President of Jawaharlal Nehru University's student union.

It has now been brought to light that Gurmehar Kaur is not the woman who is dancing in the car or the one who is in the pictures from Kanhaiya Kumar's rally. The video has a woman dancing to a Hindi song while some people cheer at the scene. The video has been spreading like wildfire on all the social media circles. It has now been revealed that the woman is not Gurmehar Kaur as the message of the video is claiming. It has been decoded that the woman in the car is carrying a water bottle which is of a brand from the West. This has proved that the woman is not of Indian nationality. Recently, actress Swara Bhasker gave her first political speech while campaigning for CPI Candidate Kanhaiya Kumar in Begusarai. 

Credits: Boom Live

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